Extra Kristal Silica Kedi Kumu Lavender 3.8 Lt

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أرسل بالبريد الإلكتروني عند توفر المخزون

Lightweight and easy to carry package
Less than 1/8 of clay cat sands waste
Odorless; It does not contain any toxic substances.
High absorption and odor control
It absorbs liquids quickly like a sponge thanks to the millions of pores on each particle. The smell is mentioned into the grain! You will not deal with bentonite sands that can no longer absorb urine. Crystal cat litter keeps your home air and your house clean.
The adhesive doesn’t create anymore. UzdUr powdery.
Thanks to its special sized and shaped particles, Crystal Cat Sand does not stick to your cat’s paws or paws. It doesn’t irritate your cat’s eyes and nose with its dust-free.
Natural and reliable.
Crystal Cat Sand is 100% natural. It is soluble in nature, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.


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