CATIDEA Cat Shampoo Lavender 200ml

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It contains a variety of natural amino acids that nourish the skin and fur
It prevents hair loss because it contains natural vegetable oils that help prevent hair loss and prevent the formation of hair balls
It makes the fur healthy because it activates the hair cells that make the hair healthier and shinier
Anti-bacterial contains natural anti-bacterial substances that prevent the formation of insects
It prevents any unpleasant odors from occurring to your hair because it contains essential oils
How to use:

Warm water and shampoo are placed on your pet’s body from head to tail, avoiding eye contact
Do a fur and hair massage
Leave the shampoo on your pet’s body for five minutes, then wash the shampoo out and dry your pet
Repeat the previous steps again if necessary
It is used on your pet from 8 weeks of age

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CATIDEA Cat Shampoo Lavender 200ml

23.00 ر.س

In stock