Beaphar Multi-Vitamin Paste for Cats 100 g

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Beaphar Multi-Vitamin Paste for Cats 100 g

An easy feed paste providing 2 functions in one tube, the Beaphar Multivitamin Paste contains essential vitamins and minerals specifically chosen for cats, as well as taurine for a healthy heart.

A duo-active formula, the Beaphar Multivitamin Paste for Cats provides a combination of multivitamins and conditioning ingredients that help promote a shiny and healthy coat as well as all-round health and vitality.

A brown and yellow duo paste, the Beaphar Multivitamin Paste for Cats is recommended for cats and kittens over 3 months of age and contains a range of active ingredients including Bio-MOS that actively stimulates the healthy intestinal flora of your cat.

Active Ingredients per kg:
Vit B1 395mg
Vit B2 115mg
calcium pantothenate 125mg
nicotinamide 995mg
Vit B6 115mg
Vit B12 780ug
folic acid 22mg
biotin 2400mg
Vit E 160iu
taurine 4425mg
MOS 4650mg
malt extract 3.7%

How to Use:

Give your cat 3 cm of paste daily. This can be given either with the food or directly from the tube.

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