GimCat EXPERT LINE Relax Paste 50 g

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أرسل بالبريد الإلكتروني عند توفر المخزون

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Cats react very sensitively in tense situations such as visits to the vet, New Year’s Eve, new family relationships, holiday trips, rebuilding/moving or the change in the immediate environment due to new animals in the house or in the territory outside. The GimCat Relax Paste contains ingredients that relax cats in these situations and make their life easier: -Eschscholzia herbs and St John’s wort filtrate relax and provide serenity -L-tryptophan promotes the production of serotonin (happiness hormones) to make the cat happier and thus promote well-being -Vitamin B complex supports nerve function and energy metabolism


Derivatives of vegetable origin, oils and fats, yeasts (contains 1% beta-glucan), milk and dairy products, ground Eschscholzia herbs 0,7%, St John’s wort filtrate 0,04%.

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Relax Paste



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