• In The First Few Weeks Of Life, Kittens Need The Right Nutrition To Grow Into Strong And Healthy Adults. When The Queen’s Milk Is Insufficient Due To Large Litter Sizes Or Mother Cat Refuses To Feed, A Milk Substitute Should Be Given To The Little Ones.
  • Babysat Milk Guarantees Excellent Tolerance By Kittens Due To The Use Of Milk As The Sole Source Of Protein
  • A Low Lactose Content In The Milk Powder Ensures Optimal Digestion. Babysat Milk Contains No Starch, Which Is Hard To Digest For Kittens At This Stage.
  • Royal Canin Babysat Milk Is Adjusted To Be As Similar As Possible To Maternal Milk
  • The Micro granules Allow The Formula To Dissolve Within Five Seconds, Ensuring Clump free Preparation
  • Carefully Selected, Highly Digestible Proteins Support A Healthy Digestive System
  • An Antioxidant Complex (Vitamins E And C, Lutein, Taurine) And Manna oligosaccharides Support The Kitten’s Developing Immune System.


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