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غير متوفره

أرسل بالبريد الإلكتروني عند توفر المخزون

The large cat scratcher with dimensions of 49 x 35 x 135 cm is a product specially designed to provide a comfortable and enjoyable experience for cats. This scratcher is large in size, which provides ample space for cats to play and have fun.

The scraper consists of several parts, including sturdy vertical shafts made of wood or durable plastic, and multiple platforms attached to the shafts. These platforms provide elevated spaces for cats to jump, climb, and rest.

The scratching post also contains play areas such as hanging toys, ropes and spinners, which helps keep cats active and entertained. The scratcher also has a soft, textured surface that cats can use to rub and stretch.

The large cat scratcher is perfect for active cats who love to play and climb. It provides her with a safe and comfortable place to play and be entertained, and helps her improve her motor skills and balance. It also helps provide an alternative to furniture that may be scratched by cats.

In short, the 49 x 35 x 135 cm large cat scratcher is a high quality product that provides ample space for cats to play and have fun, has multiple parts to play and climb on, and provides a soft surface to scratch and stretch on. It is an ideal choice for cat owners who are looking for a product that meets the needs of their cats and provides them with a comfortable and enjoyable experience.


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