You can return purchases within 7 days of receiving the order, according to the following conditions:
If you want to return a product, please submit the request through the link, click here
We do not exchange products, only return
The returned product must be in its original condition when purchased, unused, and wrapped in the original packaging with all its accessories. It is not accepted to return the shipment or the product in its original condition.
In the event that we receive any product (opened / removed from the outer cover), it is considered damaged, and we cannot return the opened item to the customer again, as it will be destroyed.
Dokan Saudia store shall bear all costs of return in the event of receiving a damaged product or a product in an improper condition.
It is required to report a defect in the product within 24 hours of receiving the product, and it is required to send a picture of the product and the outer carton of the shipment.
The return process is not accepted in the following cases:

When submitting a return request after the specified time, which is 7 days from the date of receiving the request.
When the product has been used or opened, when it is damaged, or when it is not in the same condition that you received it.
When the box or packaging of the product is damaged.
How to file a refund request:

You will be contacted to confirm the return request.
Riyadh Returns: The representative of the shipping company will contact you to receive the return.
Returns outside Riyadh: You will be contacted by a customer service representative to specify the shipping company and the return delivery mechanism.
After receiving the return in our warehouse and verifying its condition, the amount will be returned to the customer within a period of up to 14 working days.
For details, please see the return period section.
Return fee: 25 riyals

Shipping: The basic shipping value and the value of the return fee are deducted from the value of the returned products. Example:

The value of returned products = 450 riyals
The basic shipping value = 25 riyals
The return fee outside Riyadh = 25 riyals
The refund amount to the customer = 450 – 25 – 25 = 400 riyals
In the event of cancellation or non-receipt of a shipped order, the value of 35 riyals, in addition to the payment method commissions, will be deducted from the order value before refunding the amount:
Electronic Payment Fees:
All payments by credit card are subject to a fee of 2.5% of the value of the order. A fee of 2.5% will be deducted in the event that an order is returned or canceled in whole or in part.

Tabby and Tamara’s illustrations:
Fees for installment services such as Tabby and Tamara are subject to a fee of 7% of the total amount paid. A fee of 7% will be deducted in the event that an order is returned or canceled in whole or in part.

Refund period:

The duration of returning the amount to the customer depends on the payment method shown below. The amount is returned to the customer after the shipment arrives at Dokan Saudia store warehouses and confirms that it is eligible for refund.

Online payment:
In the case of electronic payment (Mada, Visa, MasterCard), it may take 14 working days to return the amount to the same card from which the purchase was made.

Payment on receipt or bank transfer:
A voucher is issued upon payment by bank transfer or cash on receipt (Payment upon receipt fees are not returned for orders outside Riyadh).

Payment by installment companies (Tabby and Tamara):
The value of purchases made by installment companies such as Tabby and Tamara will be refunded through them within 14 working days from the date of receiving the product in our warehouse, and the customer must follow the return procedures through his account with Tabby or Tamara.

Cancellation of orders after processing:
In the event that the customer decides to cancel the order after it has been created, we will work hard to cancel the order without the customer incurring any costs, provided that the order has not yet been processed and the bill of lading has not been issued at the time of receiving the cancellation request.
In the event that a bill of lading is issued, the costs of the operation will be deducted from the amount paid, which is 22 riyals, inclusive of value-added tax.
In the event that the order has been shipped and received from the shipping company, the shipping costs (22 riyals) and the return costs (20 riyals) will be deducted.
Unable to deliver orders:
Entering the address and contact number correctly is the responsibility of the customer, and in the event of any error that leads to the cancellation or return of the shipment, fees apply according to the policy of return and cancellation of the shipment without exception.