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Deworming pills for dogs and cats from vermic, sold by the pill

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Deworming pills for cats and dogs from vermic, sold per pill for a cat weighing 5 kg. It gives a whole pill, and after 3 weeks a pill, and it continues on the course every 4 months, one pill for each cat

country of origin : Uruguay

Anthelmintic for veterinary use

For dogs, cats, adults and puppies/kittens


Praziquantel.. 50.00 mg

Pyrantel Pamoate ………….. 144.00 mg

Vipantel 150.00 mg

Excipients qs….. ………….. 1 tablet



Broad spectrum antiparasitic internal parasite for dogs, cats, adults and puppies/kittens with activity against mature and immature forms of nematodes and the following nematodes.

Target categories:

Dogs, cats, adults and puppies/kittens.


Administration path:

oral tablets.

Manage your tablet(s) in one intake.

VERMIC TOTAL can be administered directly into a piece of meat or other food product, Or grind it and mix it with feed.


  • One tablet per 10 kilos of body weight.

We recommend that VERMIC TOTAL be administered in the doses indicated below. For adults, the treatment should be repeated every 3 months. in females, before mating and after 10 days of labour, This is to reduce infection in puppies/kittens. Puppies / kittens should be treated when they are 15 days old and 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 months old. Remember that controlling insects in puppies/kittens is vital to their physical and immune development.


One dose per treatment is recommended. According to the table below:


Animal breed size Animal weight Single dose

Cat – up to 5 kg 1 tablet


Miniature for dogs- eg. Pekingese up to 5 kg ½ tablet


A small dog – for example. Bagels 5.1 kg – 10 kg 1 tablet


Medium dog- eg. Dalmatian 10.1 – 20 kg 2 tablets


Big dog – eg. Shepard 20.1 – 30 kg 3 tablets


Giant dog- for example. Brazilian Fila 30.1 – 40 kg 4 discs



for larger dogs, Administer 1 tablet of VERMIC TOTAL per 10 kg of body weight.

According to the type and degree of injury, The position can be modified at the discretion of the veterinarian.

In the event of a diagnosed insect infestation, Deworming should be done immediately, and if possible, Repeat the treatment after three weeks.

VERMIC TOTAL is well tolerated.

It is not necessary to take dietary measures or suppress feeding.

Supplementary information:

Dipylidium caninum has fleas as an intermediate host, Therefore, it is recommended to combat the latter.

Insect control depends on vermifugation, as well as on proper hygiene and disinfection of breeding facilities.


In order not to conduct studies on female dogs during early pregnancy, VERMIC TOTAL should not be used during the first two trimesters of pregnancy.

The recommended dose should not be exceeded when treating pregnant dogs.

Do not use at the same time as piperazine compounds.

Consult your vet before treating pregnant dogs for intestinal worms.


Usage limits:

The product should not be used concomitantly with other types of viruses with cholinergic properties, such as levamisole, Because it may significantly stimulate this activity produced by Pyrantel Pamoate.

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Deworming pills for dogs and cats from vermic, sold by the pill

6.00 ر.س

245 in stock