How to get along with your cat

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How to get along with your cat

Understanding your cat is essential to living well with her. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to decipher the language of this animal and deal with it to its satisfaction in order to achieve its happiness and relaxation.

A cat can communicate with its surroundings in a variety of ways. He does this daily by making a sound (meowing, purring, whistling…) or by his body language (putting his ears, tail, his neck…). Each cat has its own character.

In this article we give you some tips to learn how to get along with your cat:

Sounds: The cat makes many sounds, and cats are distinguished by their linguistic density among pets. They are able to make more than 100 different sounds to express their condition. It is 10 times greater than that of dogs.

1- Meowing: It is important to understand what your cat’s meow means: In reality, This means of communication is intended directly for humans. when your cat meows, He has something to tell you. With experience and a little intuition, It becomes easy to decipher the different types of meows.

Although the types and times of meowing differ between cats of different ages and breeds, there are types of meowing that can be distinguished well, including:

– in general, A short and sharp sound means joy or a desire to play with his master. If the meow lasts a little longer and the pitch gets higher, This means an urgent and accurate request. Either the cat is hungry or needs to go out. In this case, He will not stop until he is satisfied.

A serious meow usually means that the animal is angry or anxious. The more jerky the sounds emitted, Her reflection of insecurity or fear increased.

2- Purring: One of the types of sounds that you must know to understand your cat. This characteristic purr is caused by the vibration of the muscles of the larynx and diaphragm. And depending on its rhythm, It can have different meanings.

in general, Purring reflects a sense of relief in cats. She is happy and makes him grateful: That’s why it often happens when you pet her or give her fun care.

A cat can also purr under stress. This technique allows him to calm himself down. For example during a visit to the vet, To see your cat purring. Here, the animal seeks reassurance in the face of a situation it considers disturbing.

3- whistling: Understanding your cat’s language also requires a good knowledge of whistling. Contrary to popular belief, These distinctive sounds do not reflect sudden aggression. A cat that makes a defensive sound is considered Usually when you feel threatened by an unusual situation. It may be the arrival of a new pet in the house, or change of residence, Or a meeting with another aggressive cat …

Cats body language

Most cat communication is silent. It consists of habits and physical cues. Each of them has a specific meaning. Understanding your cat’s body language is essential to a happy and peaceful breeding.

Cats consider that humans also communicate in this way. It is therefore essential to pay attention to your posture when you are in the presence of your cat. Any sudden (or angry) gesture could worry or pressure him.

1- The importance of the tail: Understanding your cat by noticing her tail is a good way to analyze her state of mind and current feelings.

A straight tail expresses joy. Often this situation is when the master comes home and is waiting for him near the door. There is no doubt that your cat feels comfortable in your presence. A straight tail can also reflect excitement (to play or during heat in a female).

If a cat blows her hair out, making her tail look bushy, They are afraid and sometimes they may show some aggression. As a defensive behavior towards its surroundings.

2- The eyes: Eyes are one of the main characteristics of cats. It has excellent visual acuity. which especially allows them to hunt at night. Depending on the intensity of the outside light, His pupil can either dilate or constrict to the point of being reduced to two very fine slits. It is important to understand your cat’s eye reactions: They allow you to analyze the feelings of the animal at a particular moment.

– If the cat’s eyes are wide open, without pupil dilation, It means he feels comfortable. in case of fear, The pupils dilate and the eyes appear red. The blood vessels are clearly visible.

If the pupils constrict, This was accompanied by a ruffling and growling, The animal is aggressive. Cats are also in mydriasis when watching for prey about to attack.

How to make your cat understand your requests

In order for communication with cats to be effective, It should not be one-sided. And therefore, If it is important to be able to understand the sounds and body language of cats, Knowing how they understand us is just as important.

1- The litter box: Thanks to wild instinct, The cat is naturally clean. He knows that if he smells, It can help a potential predator follow it. As a general rule, The kitten will reproduce its mother’s gestures. But in the event of an early separation from her mother, Your cat should be taught to use its own litter box.

2- Sleep: How do you make your cat understand that she needs to sleep? It is known that cats love routine. So it is important to adopt and respect one. So, Turn off the lights every evening at a set time and try to maintain the same environment. It’s a signal to the animal that it’s time to rest. Even if he didn’t always like him as a night hunter.

The time a cat eats its meal also affects its sleep. And therefore, Try feeding him shortly before bed. if his stomach is full, He is likely to sleep well until the morning.

3- Talking to cats: Do cats understand our words when we address them? If the cat cannot understand the sentences, On the other hand, they are sensitive to toning. If he had just made a mistake and was reprimanded, it perceives the change in tone without necessarily understanding the meaning of the sentence, It feels unsatisfactory.

Also, with the passage of time, the cat is able to understand some words and sentences, By regularly making certain associations between verb and word, He will gradually understand its meaning.

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