What are the most popular types of cat breeds?

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What are the most popular types of cat breeds?

When you want to adopt a cat, Several questions appear at once. One of the most important questions to ask is the breed of cat you want to adopt or buy. This is due to the fact that it is necessary to think about the various genetic diseases that may affect the strain. Then you have to check yourself. Do you want a cat with a very special character? Suitable for living in an apartment and does not need a lot of space? Or, conversely, a very independent cat who can be left alone?

In this article, we will present to you the most famous types of cat breeds, their characteristics and living conditions.

  What is the criterion that must be considered when choosing to adopt a particular breed of cat?

Unlike dog breeds that already have specific behavioral characteristics, Things are less clear with cats.  – The first criterion that will make you choose a pure breed cat instead of a street cat is its structure and morphology: long or short hair (or even no hair at all), thick and silky fur, eyes a certain color, flat nose, Size… Here we are talking about a matter of tastes.

Cat personality and behavior: Is it possible to choose to adopt a purebred cat based on behavioral criteria? Are some purebred cats calmer, more playful, or more affectionate than others? Are some cats more social and fond of petting than others? Is a cat breed more suitable when you have children or when you are older?

Obviously, not all cat breeds have the same personality and behavior. We find some cats more brutal, such as Abyssinia and Bengal, While other cat breeds will be more social and ready for long petting sessions, Like the British and Persian chinchillas. from her side, The Siamo is particularly talkative. Whereas, Turkish Angoras are particularly combinatorial cats.

 What is the difference between a purebred cat and a street cat?

Choosing to adopt a purebred or alley (street) cat is primarily a matter of taste. Because the main difference between a purebred cat and an alley cat lies in the physical appearance: morphology, fur, hair length, And eye color…

 Advantages of purebred cats:

Purebred cats have a very special body that meets specific criteria and is the result of a long work of genetic selection. If you are looking for a cat with blue eyes? A kitten with thick fur or, on the contrary, with short hair? broken nose? All of these criteria differ from one breed to another but can be factored in when selecting a breed of cat because they must meet very specific criteria. This is not the case when you choose a street cat, Or even a cat from a crossbreed.

 Cons of purebred cats:

In terms of diseases, hereditary diseases often appear in purebred cats, such as heart disease.

The other aspect to consider is the financial aspect. And for good reason, because the price of a street cat is not equal to the price of a purebred cat. When an alley cat can sell for a very reasonable amount, The purebred cat will be sold at a very high price. Sometimes it reaches several hundred euros.

– for the character, There are few differences between a purebred cat and a street cat even if some behaviors may differ slightly. This can never be compared to dogs whose personality varies a lot depending on the breed. But some differences exist.

 Best cat breeds for breeding:

 1- Ragdoll cat: Ragdoll cats have a special feature among purebred cat breeds. Being soft and supple like a rag doll, When you take her in your arms, she is like a purebred cat. Ragdoll cats are known for their great affection and their boundless need for hugs.

This handsome purebred cat  With its thick and semi-long fur and its beautiful blue eyes. easy to breed, They are remarkably sociable and not a fan of loneliness.

 2- Maine Coon: This large purebred cat can reach one meter in adulthood. or even more. The average age is 5 years. His calm nature makes him tend to lead a sedentary lifestyle. Which makes it less mobile. With an intelligent, affectionate and docile nature, It is an ideal companion for young children or quiet people.

3- The Shirazi cat (Perchen): The Persian cat loves idleness. Furthermore it, His weight gain forces his master to be careful and choose his own light food (you can order food for the Shirazi cat from Dokan Saudia here ). This cat knows how to adapt to children and plays with them from time to time. He also loves the elderly because they comb him all the time and they have a lot of time to take care of him.

 4- The Pharaonic Cat: What makes a bald cat among the best cat breeds? Maybe ancient Egypt and its history? His name is Sphinx? The Pharaonic cat is a calm and gentle cat (especially when touching, no hair…) You’ll watch it and you’ll have to protect it from UV rays, As it is exposed to sunburn quickly in the open air. The Pharaonic cat is sociable and quick-witted. He loves to play with children and adapts easily to his environment.

 5- The Berman cat (the sacred cat of Burma): “Berman” is considered the holiest cat for cat owners. Its beauty is agreed upon. calm and gentle in character, She possesses a hypnotic look with blue eyes in the shape of a beautiful almond. Its silky fur with medium-length hair requires daily brushing.

 6- Short hair cat: similar to the Persian, except for the type of fur, Short cats are one of the flat-faced breeds that exude vitality and energy. Which makes it the perfect companion for your kids. He loves to spend hours cuddling and playing. Which requires keeping him occupied daily with your presence or games, You can buy toys for your cat in our store here

 7- The British cat: the British Shorthair breed  very popular in england, It has a compact, robust and well-balanced structure. Its fur is rather dense, short, soft to the touch, and shiny. It has a family feel, passionate as she is obedient, What makes it a social and friendly animal that sticks to its master to play with it constantly. And as happy as she is to have fun, They get along with other animals in the house.

 8- The Norwegian cat: Due to its appearance in Norway, it was called the Norwegian cat. It has a wild and unique look. In addition to strong intelligence, He is happy to share his life with children, strong and large, need stimulation and get out into nature, That is why it is preferred to be raised in homes that contain a garden or in the countryside. You can rely on the accessories in our store to take a beautiful trip for your Norwegian cat in the wild.

 9- Siamese cat: originally from Thailand, The Siamese cat has very beautiful blue eyes with an elegant and slender white body. very stubborn, How much he loves to play. nimble and impetuous, And constantly looking for love and hugs.

Thanks to his stubbornness, he often tends to meow to demand your attention and tenderness. He’s a nice companion to live with, has a strong personality, He does not like to be left alone. Because of it, you may run the risk of destroying everything in the house.

 10- Abyssinian cat: originally from Asia, Likes  The Abyssinian cat silently observes its environment. He is nicknamed Bunny Cat because of his large pointed ears. very affectionate and restless, He constantly plays with his master and other family members. He demands a lot of attention and cannot stand loneliness.

His short, lush, soft hair draws an elegant dress close to that of a bunny. He needs space for his well being to exercise, run, jump, move, etc. The Abyssinian does not appreciate strangers and is tamed only through play.

 11- Bengal cat (tiger cat): a wild Asian cat. His beautiful fur and green eyes mark the adorable appearance of the Bengal cat. Bengals have amazing intelligence, hyperactive and curious, He is full of energy and always wants to play with his buddies. They are cats of a somewhat wild nature, Teaching a tiger cat is important: He learns very quickly and must be guided daily from an early age. His self-confidence fosters his domineering and energetic side which can disturb his socialization with other cats. It is therefore advisable to make her live with other domestic cats of similar character for a better group agreement.

Each cat is different and has its own good or bad character. Like every master.

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