TikiCat Culina Luau Wet Food For Cats With Chicken And Gravy 85 Gm

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غير متوفره

TikiCat Culina Luau Wet Food For Cats Chicken With Gravy is a premium quality product specially formulated to meet the needs of adult cats. It comes in a single pack containing 85 grams of delicious wet food.

This product contains fresh and delicious chicken pieces, with the addition of broth to add more flavor and nutritional value. Chicken is a rich source of protein that helps build and maintain strong muscles in cats.

This wet food is designed to be easy to digest and suitable for all types of cats. It contains a balanced combination of essential nutrients such as proteins, fats, fibres, vitamins and minerals. This balance helps to enhance the health of cats and boost their immune system.

Thanks to its practical and convenient packaging, you can offer this wet food to your cat with ease. It can be used as a main meal or as a snack alongside dry food. This product can be an ideal choice to meet your cat’s daily feeding needs and keep them happy and healthy.

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